is attempting to transform Canadian families in the arena of wealth building and more importantly wealth management! Think about this:


Did we learn about managing wealth: Answer: Usually through OSMOSIS - from a combination of the above OR more likely through TRIAL & ERROR.

You had a personal TEACHER, TRAINER and a COACH that taught you and continues to mentor you on how to manage your savings(incl. PRSP/TFSA etc) so that has your money was working for you!

OK...too old...don't know math...too busy. These are ALL excuses!

The strategy ensures that a person with Grade 12 education or someone with 10 years of working experience(street smarts) is able not only to comprehend investment concepts but who can execute them within 6 months!

How can we be sure?? We have thousands of clients just like you!
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offers a COMPLETE SOLUTION in taking a novice investor to achieve a skill set that empowers them to trade with CONFIDENCE & CONSISTENCY. Deliveringa step-by-step learning process that breaks down complex subject matter into manageable, bite-sized piece of information.

is dedicated to helping investors excel at managing their own portfolios through a simple but complete, step-by-step education process. Our learning environment focuses on the developement of good strategies supported by solid, disciplined decision making criteria producing confident and capable investors.

teaches,train & coaches novice individuals/families and 'inconsistent' experienced investors| to significantly reduce risk through knowledge (theory & practical hands-on lectures), a structured investing/trading methodology(a trading plan), the use of powerful tools (charting software & data feeds), and support groups (mentor & coaches). It is a comprehensive approach to managing wealth productivity where synergies come from careful planning and the utilization of existing investment reserves in purposeful ways for the current and next generation(s).


In its simplest form, TRAIN2INVEST teaches individuals to buy quality blue-chip stocks and generate small, consistent returns in reasonable time horizons. (PRINCIPLE: You never lose taking a profit – however small!).

The results of a well thought out strategy following these principles means that our students can create ongoing portfolio growth without taking unreasonable risks.

Phase 1 – Teaching (2.5 months)

Focuses on the foundational knowledge of the markets and decision making
Module Fundamental Analysis* Technical Analysis*
1 Financial Excellence Technical Analysis
2 Economics & Geo-Politics Technical indicators
3 External Events Risk management
4 Fundamental Analysis Investor Psychology
5 The Wealth Plan The Trading Plan

Phase 2– Training (3.5 months)

Focuses on the advanced knowledge of research, risk management, emotional management and money management
Weekly Sessions Twice Monthly Advanced Recorded Sessions
Real-Time Market Analysis (RTMA) – Focussing on events that will take place during the up-coming week: Trends; Challenges; Global Economic Events etc. External Events – impact of various market activities that impact specific sectors & probable suggestions to avoid pitfalls.

Phase 3– Coaching (3.5 months)

Focuses on execution via 'Dummy Trading Accounts'
1 Coach will go over your trading plan & review your paper trading records
2 How to set up trading account with your on-line broker.
3 How to access live data feeds from various web sites & to set up the parameters that was taught in the course.


  • Module 1: Financial Excellence (Capital Preservation & Risk Management) – Creating a vision & an executable plan to achieve investment goals
  • Module 2: Economics (The Laws of Supply & Demand) – Understanding the domestic & global movement of goods & services and its relationship to Economic Growth
  • Module 3: External Events (Globalization; Geopolitical & Other Events) – Comprehending the impact of external events on the psychology of market participants.
  • Module 4: Fundamental Analysis (Financial Analysis) – Determining the financial condition of specific targeted corporations.
  • Module 5: The Plan (Portfolio Management) – Creating a master wealth plan with an Investment Component and a Trading Component.


  • Module 1: Technical Analysis (Charting Basics) – Creating a pro-forma portfolio called the 'Focus Five' for the purposes of 'paper-trading' i.e. using a dummy account to learn.
  • Module 2: Technical Indicators (Specific Indicators & Market Direction) – Understanding how to use indicators to determine entry & exit strategies to improve 'paper-trading' results
  • Module 3: Risk Management (Protection) – Understanding Stop-Loss Strategies which are based on individual risk profiles
  • Module 4: Trading Plan (Target vs. Actual) – Learning from trades & correcting common mistakes
  • Module 5: Investor Psychology (Crowd Psychology & Individual Psychology) – Understanding emotional characteristics & eliminating Fear & Greed


  • Mitigating/Eliminating RISK through Risk management after comprehending an individual's risk tolerance and ascertaining the risk profile
  • About Us

    In one sentence - we TEACH...TRAIN...COACH individuals & families to learn to invest directly in the Toronto Stock Exchange i.e. directly buy and sell shares
    (known as Self-Directed Investors)

    is a privately-owned Canadian-based investment education corporation.

    The Founder & Principal behind the company is Jonathan Chandran whose academic qualifications include finance & accountancy from Universities of London,UK and New York,USA and who has extensive experience in international banking (London, UK; New York, USA; Sydney, Australia; Singapore etc..) as well as having joint responsibility for mananging Can.$1 billion with a securities firm in Canada

    Since 2004, has trained thousands of families across Canada. The next generation has developed a skill set that can never be learned at university.

    We hope you will become part of this family.
    The program is a comprehensive learning process designed to radically change the concept of wealth managment. No longer should you give your hard-earned money to a person who is less well-off than you - just because he wears a suit & talks like a politician1

    CAPITAL PRESERVATION and WEALTH ACCUMULATION is the cornerstone of the program.

    The course has been designed that DOES NOT require PhD in finance... a complex subject is broken down to bite-sized pieces. Realizing that no two people study/understand concepts the same way, it is structured in such a way that an individual studies at their own pace!

    That's why we TEACH...TRAIN...COACH: You are NOT alone!
    Invest for yourself BUT not by yourself!
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    What is the Cost?

    Let's deal with a concept called VALUE!

    Which one of these cars is worth $60,000? (They are both cars that take you from A to B... except when you meet a MACH truck!).

    Now, here's what you need to do:
    FIRST: calculate the COST that you are currently paying per year then multiply it 10 times.
    SECOND: What if you earned 5% p.a. on the COST that you just gave away? How much would that amount to?
    THIRD: What did you recieve for the fee that you paid? (Do you know the MER & management fee you paid?)

    THE PROGRAM: 6 Months

    Phase 1: TEACHING Sessions - 10 weekly classes on Fundamental; Technical & Emotional Analysis.

    Phase 2: TRAINING Sessions - Practicing with a DUMMY account to proved skills acquired under Phase 1. RTMA (Weekly Real-Time Market Analysis) Sessions ensuring that you are fully informed of Global & Domestic events.

    Phase 3: COACHING Sessions - Creation of a Portfolio with RRSP/TFSA etc; Advanced Technical Analysis Modules improving decision-making process with hands-on support.

    NOTE: All sessions are recorded & available for viewing at your convenience.


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