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The Founder & Principal behind the company is Jonathan Chandran whose academic qualifications include finance & accountancy from Universities of London,UK and New York,USA and who has extensive experience in international banking (London, UK; New York, USA; Sydney, Australia; Singapore etc..) as well as having joint responsibility for mananging Can.$1 billion with a securities firm in Canada.

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is North America’s leading investment education and training corporation. The Corporation’s purpose is to provide a new way (i.e. a paradigm shift) where families; individuals and communities think about wealth management. achieves this through teaching, training and coaching individuals in the art and science of self-directed investing with the foundation based on capital preservation. offers a complete education and training experience focusing on fundamental and technical analysis; risk analysis and management; and developing skills of execution for virtually any trading situation. Empowering families to begin a journey of building their inheritance for the next generation through investment education.

Since 2004,  has trained – stock market education-  thousands of families across Canada.

The  program is a complete solution that removes the FEAR associated with stock investing which paralyzes most individuals. Given this preconceived fear, they abdicate the management of their hard-earned savings  to the ‘experts’ who legally rob them i.e. these ‘experts’ receive their fees regardless of their fund’s performance. The reason we get or allow ourselves to be robbed is because of FEAR ( a fear that has been masterfully created by the financial services industry). Individuals learn at their own pace – no two individuals learn the same way or at the same pace. The next generation will develop a skill set that has never been taught at college or university.

The  program is a comprehensive learning process designed to radically change the concept of wealth management for the individual family – you no longer have to be ‘afraid’ of buying and selling shares !

Our course requires NO prior knowledge of the stock market or investments.

What you need to bring to the table is
  • A desire to SUCCEED!
  • To do the necessary DUE DELIGENCE

Information Age paradigms DO NOT WORK in an Artificial Intelligence Age

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Stock Trading: From using expensive brokers to Discount Brokers

Most people recognize the need to save money. Typically, the approach is to ‘save now’ for retirement. The problem is that saving money and investing money are two very different things. Although all of us would love to achieve great returns on our investments - often, we end up with something far below our expectations and more importantly, below our needs.

What then is the problem? … the strategies we implement do not fit the desired plan for our savings

The Educational Investment Program

Learn at your own pace with mentors & coaches to help you

IS Building A Family

We are here to COACH, MENTOR & GUIDE YOU!


The investment education program:

Did we learn about managing wealth:

The heart of this program consists of an internally generated methodology that is world class – dedicated to helping novice investors master the entire stock investing trading process:

  • The Psychology of trading
  • Strategic Wealth Management
  • Fundamental & Technical Analyses
  • The Impact of Globalization; Trade Wars & Tariffs
  • Trading Mechanics: The Buy Price; The Sell Price & The Stop Loss Price

It is therefore aimed at providing an unmatched skill transfer through teaching; guidance through mentoring and coaching; and aggregated information through analysis to help our students implement sound investing strategies on their overall portfolio that will differentiate them from the typical cookie-cutter BUY & HOLD investor philosophy.

Change that strategy and you can change the results!

CAPITAL PRESERVATION and WEALTH ACCUMULATION is the cornerstone of the  program.

The course has been designed that DOES NOT require a PhD in finance or higher math….... a complex subject is broken down to bite-sized pieces. Realizing that no two people study/understand concepts the same way, it is structured in such a way that each individual studies at their own pace!

That's why we TEACH...TRAIN...COACH: 

You have a TEACHER – who teaches you the methodology
You have a TRAINER– who helps you with any difficult areas that you face
You have a COACH – who encourages you when you need it

You are NOT alone!
Invest for yourself BUT not by yourself!

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