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TRAIN2INVEST INC – a private company – came into being when a few seasoned investors discovered that the next generation had no clue about building wealth through the stock market. They also discovered that the parents of these young adults were ignorant of the stock market as well. So this bunch of 'do-gooders' decided that they would change the way Canadian families think about wealth management i.e. teach a man to fish…….

In August of 2004, these 'do-gooders' selected Jonathan Chandran to be the President of this company and begin the mission to transform Canada's families' wealth management strategies. Jonathan, whose academic qualifications include finance & accountancy from universities in London, UK and New York, USA has extensive experience in international banking (London, UK; New York, USA; Sydney, Australia; Singapore etc..) as well as having joint responsibility for managing Cdn. $ 1 billion with a securities firm in Canada.

The Train2Invest strategy is to take a complex concept and break it down to bite size pieces and ensure that a person with Grade 12 education or someone with 10 years of working experience (street smarts) is able not only to comprehend those concepts but execute it within 6 months!

And the rest is history…..

Since 2004, Train2Invest has trained thousands of families across Canada. The next generation has developed a skill set that can never be learned at university.

We hope you will become part of this family.

We want you to share more than your eye colour to the next generation:

Think about it: What is the most important thing that you can pass on to the next generation? Managing wealth!


It's about people, relationships, values, doing well by doing good and certainly about family. Wealth is a GIFT – that needs to be safeguarded, nurtured and shared productively for the benefit of family and others. Each family and each individual has its own values and unique circumstances relating to wealth management.

Every family owns three forms of capital,

  • Financial Capital
  • Human Capital
  • Intellectual Capital

Most people easily grasp the concept of financial capital, which consists of hard assets they can point to—property, securities, cash, and so on. Yet many families don't understand that their most precious forms of capital are the human (the members of the family) and the intellectual (the family's knowledge).

- We are here to COACH, MENTOR & GUIDE YOU!


I am a 67 year old farmer and I had very little knowledge about stock trading. My computer skills were non-existent. The train2invest team helped a great deal. They were very patient with a 'senior'. I joined them in 2005 and have nothing but a wonderful experience. My portfolio increased by about 25% yearly since then. In fact, this past year I had a surprise with my ENB shares which jumped to $ 60+ – shares that I had bought regularly since 2005 as a long term investment (something they had suggested). That alone brought me more than [BLOCKED] return. I am still with them (February) 2015 and I recommend them very highly.–G.H., Red Deer, AB

Just to give you a quick update on last year. On my TFSA I made 26% last year on a starting balance of $12000. On myself direct RRSP account of $35,000 I made 29%.All is going well. Many thanks. – TD, Winnipeg, MB

We as a family have been clients since 2006 and I have learnt so much it is quite unbelievable that my husband & I have been so successful. For example, I was taught to trade ENB and this month I made more than $50,000 when it took a spike to $65 per share. Our children have really benefitted from this program and I am sure that when they have saved enough they will do well. I highly recommend them. – L.S., Portage la Prairie, MB

I am a farmer and have been a student since 2008. I joined Train2Invest after taking a beating in 2008. I learnt the skills that I taught that I couldn't learn and have been averaging about 25% per year. Despite this crazy few months, my portfolio managed a 12% increase this quarter. – C.W., Victoria, BC