THE WEALTH MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY has no skin in their game. And it really is a game for them (with your money). And in most cases, ‘the middle people’ have no obligation to put your interests first, no fiduciary duty. Do not outsource the job of managing your retirement portfolio to a “professional”. Most are infected with modern portfolio theory and do not realize that only four percent of companies provide most of the return. They want to sell you scores of securities (ETFs). And professionals do not beat the market. As a result, they have changed the yard stick. Nasty people! Now they have their own benchmark so folks will not notice professionals are losers, most of the time. Learn to invest on your own. It is easier selecting a few quality dividend growth stocks (and that is all you need) than being sold one of over one thousand ETFs. Most are third class. The ETF you are sold depends upon the advisor latched onto you. Learn to invest directly in companies yourself, not through middlemen (the so called wealth managers) whose income is from other people’s money (annual fees). It is rather easy, really, to do it yourself. There are only a handful of great Canadian companies to select from. With ETFs, on the other hand, there are over a thousand.

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