About Us

The Founder & Principal behind the company is Jonathan Chandran whose academic qualifications include finance & accountancy from Universities of London,UK and New York,USA and who has extensive experience in international banking (London, UK; New York, USA; Sydney, Australia; Singapore etc..) as well as having joint responsibility for mananging Can.$1 billion with a securities firm in Canada.

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  • +1 204-414-9106
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The Program

Interested in our consulting services or need advice?
The Myths About Stock Trading. For many individuals, any discussion on the stock market brings fear and doubt.
Forget the ancient strategies of BUY & HOLD! Think: RIM; Nortel; Eton; Jetsgo; Target Canada etc.

Why Choose Train2Invest Inc?

“Teach a man to fish….” principle. Once you learn how, you don’t need to depend on others. Nobody cares about your money more than you. It’s the last thing you should delegate to others! Train2Invest has been around since 2004 and has trained thousands upon thousands of families & individuals. Nobody teaches you how to become wealthy through investing in the stock market – every teaching institution (universities & colleges), teach to work for someone else. Read the testimonies – the evidence demands a verdict!

Are you afraid? Don’t be. We have coaches & mentors to help you. Would you make mistakes? Sure, who doesn’t? Will you lose all your savings? Absolutely not. We have strategies that focuses on Capital Preservation.

Education is the answer – no one can take your knowledge away. Call us 204-414-9106 and we can discuss your needs; your fears; your questions etc. If you don’t call, you will NEVER know!