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December 6, 2021

Literally, you can find thousands of stocks in the Canadian market for investment however there are a few dozen of marijuana industries that are gaining a lot of buzz. And the popularity is obvious as the cannabis stocks are a long-term profitable investment. If you are an investor who has a foresight backed by good luck investing in some of the biggest cannabis stocks will be a great decision as the possibility of gains gets higher. But there is much more to investing in the cannabis stock market.

If you are looking for investment training & education in Canada to make the best investments then you need to understand a few things about the Canadian stock market especially the marijuana industry.

  • Marijuana Industry is Fast-Paced

The growth rate of the marijuana industry is always on the higher side. An average compound annual growth rate for cannabis is anticipated to be doubled  over the next decade. That is why the popularity of marijuana is not going to die off anytime soon.

  • Marijuana Craze is Never Ending

Investing in marijuana stocks implies that you can consider more than just growers. Although the number of pot growers are plenty to choose from, you can also go for buying subsidiary players that work their magic behind the scenes.

  • Cannabis has Medical Benefits!

Cannabis in the medical industry has long been a popular way to invest in the industry. Although there are several studies that have discovered intriguing correlations between medical pot and certain diseases, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identifies cannabis and its cannabinoids have two benefits. But marijuana is largely unknown to the FDA that makes cannabis one of the top jewels in the U.S. market.

  • Not every company is a winner

Be it the marijuana industry or any other sector not every company can be a winner. So you need to explore different companies and choose the one that has higher potential.

  • CBD and derivative products are the real money-makers

Although you might have a perception like others that dried cannabis flower is the money maker of the cannabis industry, but the fact is it is a low-margin product for most of the companies. The derivative products like vapes, infused beverages, topicals, edibles and concentrates that drive margins higher primarily. Also, derivative pot products, especially focused on CBD (Cannabidiol) are not as susceptible to oversupply and commoditization as dried flower which further makes the pricing power firmer and provide better margins.

Besides these there are several other facts about the Canadian stock market and cannabis industry, which you can understand with our specialized investment training & education in Canada.

How TRAIN2INVEST Program Helps?

Our TRAIN2INVEST program is a comprehensive 6-month hands-on learning and mentoring experience with the option of ongoing coaching and support as determined by the student.  Our TEACH, TRAIN, and COACH approach delivers complex issues in bite-sized modules eliminating information overload and targeting critical information analysis for decision making.

We believe our training strategy is capable of allowing anyone to learn about wealth accumulation and money management. Our investment training and education in Canada provides real-world experiences to you. Through a systematic progression of teaching, training, coaching and mentoring, we enable students to acquire higher levels of wealth intelligence that they can use to improve the quality of their lives.

If you want to gain knowledge about stock market investment in Canada or money management skills, then take our investment training & education Canada program today.

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