Tourmaline is the largest producer of gas in Canada. That is important because in a commodity business size is everything. Along with size comes scale, and that is the secret to not only being the biggest producer, but grinding cost out of the operation.

Another contrast between Tourmaline and their American counterparts is growth of the revenue basis QoQ and YoY. TRMLF’s exposure to the premium plays in the WCSB makes this possible.

TRMLF production summary
TRMLF production summary (OTCPK:TRMLF)

Investors are often asked for patience in return of capital. TRMLF has adopted the fixed plus variable dividend policy that sends a big chunk of free cash back to shareholders. Growth to $1.00 per share on an annual basis is programmed to for 2023 for the fixed dividend. As you can see, the variable dividend forecast for next year is simply prodigious.






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